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Our A to Z of Experiential Marketing series is still going strong, and this week the focus is on ‘U’, as we take a look at ‘User Experience’.


User experience is a term that is often associated with surfing the web, but it’s also something that applies to all forms of marketing, including events. How a user experiences a campaign, and what they take from it are vital to its success. Whether it’s on the web, or in person, it’s key to make sure that you are engaging your audience with the experience, the brand, and the message you want to get across.

Experiential is the ‘touchy-feely’ vein of marketing, giving you a chance to engage with your audience and servicing their needs by transporting them into your world, giving them answers to any questions they may have, as well as letting them get up close and personal with the brand.

Three Line Up experts give their take on delivering an exemplary user experience:

Rob Leach, Managing Director

On answering the needs of your audience

Understanding both your brand and your audience is of paramount importance. In order to offer something that is going to create genuine engagement, you need to first do the legwork. Consider the platforms you are going to use, where you are going to do it, how you are going to get people there. Is it a public event, or private event? Ensure that your placement works well for your audience. Live is one thing but it’s not the only place an event can be these days and a multi-channel approach has become more and more important as audiences actively look for multi-faceted brand experiences.

Create a community and give them something to talk about. Conversations are key when it comes to experiential marketing and creating an exciting event experience is a chance to encourage people to speak up, not just to their peers but also to the a wider audience.

The Coca-Cola Olympic Torch Relay: A multi-channel experience created by Line Up

Neil Thompson, Creative Director

On creating a well-designed experience that stimulates the senses

Turning to experiential events is a great way to transform perceptions by creating an immersive experience that stimulates the senses. Fusing the brand, the message, the audience mindset, and current trends means that you are able to construct something that is going to resonate deeply with the user as an individual. Show-stopping experiences are great, but make sure you don’t lose sight of the purpose of the activity otherwise you risk it being flash in the pan, and not leaving a genuine mark.

An immersive dealer experience for Indesit

2U for UserEx 4U for UserEx 5

Kate Gunn, Head of Logistics

On ensuring your audience are transported from A – B effectively

A great idea will lose all credibility and its effect if the experience doesn’t flow correctly or live up to expectations. A strong user experience is created from smooth, well-planned campaigns. No amount of bells and whistles can cover up a badly planned user journey.

Experiential marketing should be seen as an opportunity to transport delegates along a path you have devised. You have the power to control their experience, make sure it’s a positive one.

Make sure you take into account the importance of considering the whole experience too, from invite or first sight, to the physical experience, to social/online experience, to follow-up. Every stage matters, no matter how small.

Dealers reveling in the experience at a bespoke pop-up Volvo supper club on the ocean in Estoril

U for UserEx 6

User Experience is a vital element of experiential marketing, and as Rob, Kate and Neil outline above, it is a key building block of a successful experiential campaign. To craft a successful user experience you need to make sure you are answering the needs of your audience, ensuring you get them from A to B, and making sure that the experience is well thought out, and stimulating.

Above all, make sure that you’ve really considered the needs of the audience, not just your own message. After all, it’s not all about ‘U’.

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