The A-Z of Experiential Marketing – T for Target Market


Using experiences to target a specific
market for your brand

Experiential marketing has been the tool of choice for many years now when it comes to targeting a specific socio-demographic or a particular mindset.  Here in our ongoing series, the A-Z of Experiential Marketing, we look at 5 great examples of creative targeting brought to life with unique brand experiences.

Targeting a captive audience at the point of sale

Sacla targets weekend food shoppers foodhall

Sacla chose John Lewis food hall, a favourite haunt for central London foodies, to target a captive audience on a Saturday afternoon.  The ‘Pesto Pioneers’ entertained shoppers with opera theatrics in a smile-inducing flashmob stunt that ‘sang’ volumes about the go-to brand quick Italian taste fixes.  The John Lewis food store is a fantastic choice for this kind of activation and the resulting video has picked up millions of views.


Speaking to a new audience in their language

Perrier targets a younger demographic


Last year Perrier chose to target a younger audience that wouldn’t necessarily be thinking about ordering bottled water in a nightclub.  Their Secret Places campaign perfectly captured the imagination of this particular target audience by creating an exclusive and surreal gaming world that they could experience through the eyes of 60 different characters.  Gamers that played to discover the secret bottles of Perrier hidden within this immersive digital world were invited to 5 real parties staged around the globe.

A total of 4 million scenarios were played out over 100,000 hours putting Perrier front of mind with this younger audience and for a reason – to stay awake and alert to experience the entire evening.

Providing a service at a time of need

EE targets festival goers


Your choice of mobile network may not be front of mind at an event like Glastonbury, but connectivity certainly is when you want to share your experience with friends online.  That’s why we thought this idea from EE stood out.  EE was already creating a first by establishing a superfast 4G network at the festival but the #4GEE tractor gave the service provider the opportunity to interact with non-EE users by hooking them up with a trundling Wi-Fi connection; a unique experience that was bound to get more people thinking about their need to be connected while on the go.

Cutting through the noise and talking to the right people

Campus Party pinpoints its target audience

Campus Party

Gamification has been a hot topic when looking to engage a specific audience for a while.  Here is a nice real-world example that sits amid a mass of digital examples.  Campus Party is an annual week-long, 24-hours-a-day technology festival where ‘Camperusos’ (hackers, gamers, developers, technophiles) gather to exchange ideas under the philosophy that ‘the internet is not a network of computers, it is a network of people’.  In order to attract the right kind of technophile and create some buzz around the event, ‘Geeky Graffiti’ was created.  Passers by had to recognize and then crack code on the graffiti posters for a chance to win tickets to Campus party.

Perfect targeting since only those in the know could ever have a chance of even realising what was going on!



Using bespoke events to encourage brand reappraisal

Volvo encourages a new audience to think again

Hands up, this is one of our own but we think a good demonstration of how you can target a new audience with experiences.  The aim was to get young people to reappraise Volvo by connecting with some of the key attributes of the new S60.

The new S60 was, at the time, the manufacturer’s ‘naughty’ addition to its range thanks to its impressive driving credentials.  Volvo wanted to draw a crowd of socialites, celebrities and bloggers to a series of underground parties under the guise of uncovering Europe’s naughtiest city.  A viral campaign drew revelers into uber-stylish pop-up clubs in Madrid, Milan, London, Paris and Berlin to feast their eyes on the S60 and unwittingly become part of the experiment.

The result – each party attracted 600 attendees, features appeared in high-profile fashion press and on-line seeding topped 1.5 million.  The pan-European campaign revealed that the naughtiest city was Paris!  Watch the video to get a taste of the tailored city events.

Experiential marketing is a fantastic way to bring an idea to life, by developing a  deeper understanding of your target market you give yourself the opportunity to create bespoke experiences that speak volumes to the people you want to engage with.  In an age when we are surrounded and inundated with product information, cutting though the noise and offering something that is going to turn the right heads is a solid strategy that is bound to achieve results.  There are an increasing number of examples out there and we are thrilled that more and more brands understand the impact that experiential can make not only on mindsets but also on sales.

If you’d like to add to our list, please do!

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