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Posted by: Kate Gunn on December 18th, 2013 IN Conferences

We think it is vital that we have the latest insights and information at our fingertips when planning events, meetings and incentives.  We have been all over the world this year, not only producing work for clients but also scouting out key destinations and arming ourselves with first-hand knowledge so we can create bespoke experiences that resonate with the intended audience.

Our ongoing ‘Destination Focus’ series looks at some of the world’s greatest cities and locations, offering up ideas on where to stay and what to do.  We want to get people thinking and spark ideas that will allow companies to forge real connections with delegates be they senior management, clients or employees.


Dubai for meetings and incentives – A Review



It was recently announced that Dubai is to host the 2020 World Expo,  a worthy winner in our eyes.  It is expected that 25 million visitors arrive in Dubai over 6 months the Expo is live . This huge influx of people need to be catered to, accommodated and entertained.  Dubai has really stood out for us this year as a fantastic location for conferences, meetings and incentives – with the Expo encouraging Dubai to continue to build on the current infrastructure and uphold its reputation for exemplary hospitality, we see a very bright future for Dubai.



9 unusual venues for conferences, events and meetings


Like any good story, one of the first tasks is to set the scene.  Picking the right stage on which the experience is going to be played out can be a gruelling task.  It sometimes very much comes down to practicalities, such as a central global location and nearest distance from Head Office.  But sometimes we can be more playful with the venue.  In this blog piece Line Up’s head of logistics, Kate Gunn, looks at some of her favourite unique venues from around the world.



Cape Town for meetings and incentives – a review

Although known as more of an incentive destination, Cape Town has built up a great selection of facilities that can accommodate anything from small groups to large conferences.  Having a city that echoes the adventurous, life-loving attitude of its inhabitants teamed with an abundant array of heart racing activities on offer for visitors makes Cape Town a great choice for incentive trips.  The time difference from the UK is only 2 hours too!




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Kate Gunn

Kate Gunn

As Line Up’s Head of Logistics, Kate is a multi-tasker extraordinaire and expert problem solver. Her knowledge of destinations and venues is second to none – the walking, talking Google of the event and incentive world. Her passion for food is right up there with her passion for travel and she claims there is nothing she won’t try!

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