A year in review – the very best of the Line Up blog 2013: The A-Z of Experiential Marketing


At the start of the year we set ourselves a blogging challenge to channel our collective knowledge and expertise to come up with an A-Z of Experiential Marketing.  We wanted to offer useful information, guidance and spark ideas for people who are thinking about planning and executing experiential campaigns.  The regular slot on the Line Up blog has become a favourite among browsers and we will continue our quest to Z into 2014. 


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Here are the most viewed and shared articles in the series so far, to whet your appetite.


C for Content


Content marketing encapsulates everything from live experiential events through to video content, simple written blogs and images.  Many marketers know they should be creating content, but what route should they take?  In this post we looked at targeting, placement, platform and sharing with a nod to some great examples.  We will look again at content in 2014 and highlight some of the more recent ways brands have driven their marketing forward with great content.

Read more here: http://blog.lineup.uk.com/the-a-z-of-experiential-marketing-c-for-content-marketing/


D for Digital


Digital experience

The extraordinary rise in consumer adoption of digital and mobile technologies in recent years has handed markers a brilliant set of tools.  Today’s marketers can create real connections with consumers without being restricted by physical and geographical barriers.  In this post we looked at how digital can be used to enhance the event experience.

Read more here: http://blog.lineup.uk.com/the-a-z-of-experiential-marketing-d-for-digital/


L for Logistics


Incredible Inchcape Yurts (low)

Experiential marketing is about taking people on a journey, but in order to make that journey believable you need to construct a seamless experience.  This is where logistical prowess comes into play.  In this post Kate Gunn, head of logistics at Line Up, highlighted why good planning, great relationships and careful orchestration are key to creating stand out experiential events.

Read more here: http://blog.lineup.uk.com/a-z-of-experiential-marketing-l-for-logistics/


M for Mobile



It’s certainly fair to say that no event lives in isolation anymore.  Brands that try and sidestep a mobile strategy are currently missing out on a big opportunity to connect with consumers.  Those who continue to turn their back on it will find themselves at the very bottom of the pile.  Mobile is not only part of the here and now at events; it is very much their future.  In this post we explored how marketers could use mobile to amplify messages and create communities at events.

Read more here:  http://blog.lineup.uk.com/the-a-z-of-experiential-marketing-m-for-mobile/


P for Product Launch



A great product launch is an exhibition of the product’s properties and personality targeted to the right people, at the right time in a relevant and engaging manner.  Experiential has become known as a great way to showcase your new product to its intended audience and create a buzz around a launch.  In this post three Line Up experts looked at the key considerations and tactics they champion when approaching the launch of a new product.

Read more here: http://blog.lineup.uk.com/z-experiential-marketing-p-product-launch/


Here is the list of A-Z of Experiential Marketing posts so far:


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Keep an eye on our blog and Twitter feed for the future installments  We’d also love to know what you think, so do get in touch if you want to ask any further questions or share thoughts on the A-Z posts.


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