The Changing Face of Event Content

Posted by: RupertC on March 27th, 2013 IN Experiential marketing
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Rupert Cheswright, Head of Experiential at Line Up, looks at the changing face of content at events in his recent blog for Event Magazine.  We thought you may like to read it too!
As consumers rapidly take to smartphones and tablet devices we need to create event content that caters to their expectations. We need to dream-up experiences that are going to captivate and resonate with consumers in order to forge meaningful brand connections.  This doesn’t have to be digital, but it is important to remember that people now tend to actively seek sharable content they can use as social currency and are able, and willing, to interact with ever more complex technologies and platforms.

When it comes to creating a consumer event here are some key points I think it is important to bear in mind:

Smarter Content – Content now has to be smarter in order to align with consumer expectations. It is often not good enough to simply provide a single layer of information and expect it to satisfy consumer curiosity.  Multi-dimensional content needs to be carefully crafted, whether it is high or low tech. You need to understand how people will engage with it, what route they will take during the experience and often invite them to delve deeper on a journey of ’self discovery’ in order to make a real connection.

Smarter Audiences – Consumers can now access content through multiple channels and devices.  We experience an endless barrage of information and are becoming better at knowing what we want to see and where to find it.  We are also better informed than ever before.  Content needs to reflect this – nobody wants to be left feeling they haven’t gained from an experience – as you’d risk creating a fizzle of a moment rather than a bang of a memory.

Smarter Sharing – Many are well-informed, highly-connected individuals actively seeking valuable content to share as social currency.  Further to that, success of content is often measured on its ability to be spread far and wide, its ‘sharability’. I’m not just talking within social media circles, although it’s a given that most consumer-facing campaigns will now integrate this into the delivery mechanic.  More and more frequently events are being created in a hybrid state. This is where the event is broadcast live on the internet and then post event amplification is created through additional content asset sharing.

There are few second chances for brands that serve up mediocre ideas nowadays, but that just means that we have to work hard and think creatively in order to capture hearts and minds.  This is exciting and backs up the idea that in events, as everywhere in marketing these days, content really is king.

This article first appeared on the Event Magazine blog

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