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Continuing our blog series, The A-Z of Experiential Marketing, this week we take a slightly different look at the topic of knowledge.  Whatever industry you work in and wherever you are in the world being well-informed is a pre-requisite to success.  But beyond in-depth research, formal qualifications and years of on the job learning, the need to keep track of what is happening now is more important than ever before.


 10 of our favourite online sources that help keep us in the know

As technology and people become evermore intertwined, the art of creating engaging experiential campaigns is increasingly reliant on keeping ahead of the curve.  Ensuring you are up on genuinely interesting tech advancements, strategies, design techniques and opinions that challenge the status-quo is a great way to ensure you furnish campaigns in a way that is going to get noticed and remembered.

Here are some of our favourite sources for up to date news, insights and opinions.


1. Mashable K for

Hardly a secret or new-kid-on-the-block, in fact, probably the most prolific of our favourites.  It’s a great provider of up-to-the-minute knowledge on all things digital, tech and social media.

We also love the Watercooler section that, as the name suggests, will always give you something to talk about to colleagues at the watercooler or, if you’re British, while making a cup of tea.  Knowing what people are talking about now can be great inspiration for campaigns and riding on the crest of a wave can lead to viral success.

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CR blog

2. Creative review k for

This blog from Creative Review showcases new advertising, digital campaigns and design ideas from around the globe. In fact, its focus is on anything that falls within the visual communications remit.  There is also a great App which, rather than being a rehash of the blog, plays to the strength of the medium and delivers more hi-res images and video content suited to an iPad or tablet – allowing you to keep your finger on the pulse while on the go.

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3. brand channel k for

With the tagline “always branding, always on”, this website is constantly updated with news on brands from every perspective and from around the world.  It’s a good resource for the intellectuals amongst us with a ‘papers’ section dedicated to research and analysis from various well-respected contributors.

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Digital Buzz

4. digital buzz k for

Inviting us to ‘get your daily fix of digital honey’, Digital Buzz provides up to date news on digital campaigns of every ilk from around the globe.  It includes videos and infographics on topics including interactive marketing ideas, virals, social media and digital ad campaigns.

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Ad Freak

5. Ad freak k for

Ad Freak is the Adweek, (the US answer to Campaign) blog.  Where the publication focuses on the industry as a whole, the blog stream tends to focus on the ads themselves – homegrown and from around the world.

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The Cool Hunter

6. coolhunter k for

A fantastic blog that brings you, as the name suggests, everything that is ‘cool’, new, exciting and creative.  It pretty much covers every topic that you could wish for – design, architecture, ads, food, travel, kids, interiors, bars, events and the list goes on.  We love Treelife, an interactive exhibition of modern eco and sustainability ideas.  A must-visit destination to get the creative juices flowing in any area.

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Brand Republic

x brand republic k for

This is the industry website from Haymarket, parent to the likes of Campaign, Media Week and Marketing.  There is nothing ‘industry’ that isn’t featured – ad news, job news, agency news – it’s all here.  The daily bulletins will bring you right up to speed and you can choose your particular area of interest – Digital, Media, Campaign, Marketing, Breaking News etc.

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8. PSFK k for

PSKF is a regularly updated ‘innovation briefing’ with news from advertising, design, retail and technology.  Based in New York and known for trend research and thought leadership, PSFK’s prolific blog accepts submissions from writers all over the world and has a varied list of regular contributing writers so it is bursting with up to date trend-spots from a global audience.

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Creative Boom

9. creative boom k for

Creative Boom is a blog championing the creative industries, and is updated daily with news, ideas and inspiration from the worlds of advertising, art, design and photography, to name a few. It’s proudly independent so readers are treated to a host of great creative ideas from big industry names to recent graduates looking to get noticed.

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10. econsultancy k for

Focusing on all things digital and digital marketing Econsultancy and its blog are really good sources for news, opinion, statistics and ‘list articles’.  It is a fantastic way to stay ahead of the curve, but the well-written pieces are also a great way to swot up on topics and digital terms that may have seemed out of reach before.

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So that’s our Top 10 of the moment.  There is a huge amount of information online and wading through it can seem like a daunting task.  Keeping track of these sites will help narrow down the field a little bit, but it’s not an exhaustive list by any means.  There are other sites like The Fast Company, Colossal and Creative Criminals to name a few.  We are always on the look out for new sources of information, so if you know of any please comment below!

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