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If you have been following our series on the A-Z of experiential marketing to date you may have come across posts on the impact of digital, the content boom or the dark art of writing a good experiential brief.  All fairly serious stuff!  Until we get to ‘F’ which is when we literally thought we’d have some fun.



Experiential marketing is continually evolving and marketers are making the most of one of the newest tools they have at their fingertips to help them develop relationships with consumers. One notable example is viral videos.  Virals are a great way to deliver branded content to a wide audience through powerful peer to peer sharing and to communicate a brand’s personality in order to drive engagement.

The most shared viral campaigns tend to have one thing in common – they make you laugh.  And they get shared because they will make other people laugh.  It’s not rocket science; it’s all down to that wonderfully intangible ingredient that can cross borders and language barriers, humour.

We’ve pulled together our top 6 favourite funny virals from around the world and hope that they make you titter – and perhaps even Twitter – as much as we did.

1.   Fiat – The Motherhood

When Fiat launched the new 500L they were appealing to an audience of young parents and cleverly tapped into their mindset.  Everyone that is a parent today will identify with this fabulous spoof that recognises that life as you knew it has changed forever.  The lyrics of this truly entertaining spoof rap are fantastic and Fiat wins the top prize for empathising with its audience.  To date it’s reached over 4 million hits on YouTube and had 18,000 likes.  Interestingly Fiat’s follow up, The Fatherhood has crashed and burned in comparison which perhaps proves that you shouldn’t try the same joke twice…

2.   Kmart – ship your pants

When the American retail giant wanted to raise awareness of its promise to ship whatever you can’t find in the store to your home for free, they came up with this hilarious film that appeals to the twelve year old in us all.  With over 18 million hits on YouTube and countless likes and shares on Facebook it was an overnight success.  The message is loud and clear and its simplicity is what makes it so funny.

3.   Le Trèfle – Emma

With over 5 million hits, French toilet paper manufacturer Le Trèfle wins us over with another fabulous human observation.  It documents the digital vs. paper battle of a husband and wife but ultimately sees the husband caught short by his insistence that the tablet reigns supreme.  His wife, Emma has the last laugh – along with all of us!  What we love here is the perfect change in his tone of voice from smug, know-it-all to ‘help!’ – it’s all in the execution.

4.  Three – Dancing Ponies

‘Silly stuff.  It matters’ is the tagline on Three’s Dancing Pony campaign just before they encourage us to ‘Keep on Internetting’.  With over 6.5 million hits, Three really gets the point here – its all about engaging shareable content and the less it appears to sell your product, the better.  The viral came with a website where you could create your own Pony Mashup – perfect fodder for Facebook and #danceponydance helped to promote conversation in the Twitter-sphere.

5.   Metro Trains – Dumb Ways to Die

Public safety campaigns are not necessarily renowned for their humour and particularly not for the kind of black humour that highlights danger in quite such a graphic way as Metro Trains in Melbourne did with ‘Dumb Ways to Die’.  This innocent looking animation uses endearing gaming-style characters to introduce us to various unlikely – but strangely amusing – death scenarios.  Then, once they’ve got our attention, they use the final three characters to warn us about the dangers on and around train tracks.

With over 47 million hits on YouTube the message has certainly hit home.  However, this viral didn’t stop there. Released as a single, the song became an instant hit on the iTunes chart and there is now a ‘Dumb Ways to Die’ game that has been released as an app.  There have been 85 parodies of the video and ‘Dumb Ways to Die’ even has its own page on Wikipedia.

More importantly, the message, intended for those of us that never really want to hear a safety warning, has contributed to a 30% reduction in near-miss accidents according to Metro Trains.

6.   Liquid Plumr – Double Impact

Introducing the new Liquid Plumr double impact Snake and Gel system are the two sexist plumbers alive.  This side-splitting, soft-porn spoof uses innuendo very cleverly to create a film that certainly doesn’t fail to convey the product’s USP.  In a sector where we are more accustomed to dry, voice-over led, diagrammatical ads or worse still, irritating brand comparisons, it is a comical breath of fresh air that generated 2.3 million hits, over 8,000 likes and plenty of sharing.

Original humour is a great engagement tool.  From the purely silly through to productions created from real consumer insights, funny content can be an instant attention grabber for your brand.

In the spirit of sharing, please send us your favourite bits of funny content and, as the Dancing Ponies persuade us, ‘Keep on Internetting’.

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