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When planning an experiential marketing campaign there are many factors that need to be considered. Over the course of 2013 we are publishing a series of articles on the A-Z of experiential marketing. This time we look at C for Content.

C for Content

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With a recent report from the Content Marketing Institute stating that 94% of marketers in the UK have adopted content marketing and 64% plan to increase their content marketing spend in 2013 it really is time to sit up and take notice.

If done with intelligence and understanding, content marketing can be an incredibly powerful tool that increases engagement and stimulates business. But where do you start? By definition, the term Content Marketing encapsulates everything from live experiential events through to video content, simple written blogs and images. So, how can you ensure that you’re seeding useful, effective content that provides real value for your target audience and ultimately your brand?


Content marketing is about delivering useful, quality content that resonates with your target audience. So it is less about what you want to say and more about what your audience wants to hear, engage with and share. Missing the mark and delivering content that is overtly self-serving will simply mean that your content is actively ignored. So fully acquaint yourself with your target audience’s mindset, lifestyle and media consumption methods so that you can ensure that you build your content around them.

Placement and Platform

How you are going to distribute your content should not be an afterthought, it needs to be an integral part of the planning process. Having the mechanisms in place to deliver good content to the people you want to connect with will provide a greater chance of engagement and advocacy.

When it comes to experiential, whether you are exploring digital distribution, through a bespoke app, or a full-blown live event experience it is vital to think about the consumer journey. It is your responsibility to prove engaging and accessible; by delivering content on the right platform at the right time you stand a much better chance of creating a real connection with your audience.


More often than not these days, the desired outcome is for the content to be shared. Content creation is a great way to inspire brand advocacy be it online or in brand conversations between friends. In the 2012 Neilson “Global Trust in Advertising” report it was found that 92% of respondents would trust word of mouth recommendations from friends and family over traditional advertising. Creating content that people want to share and talk about is a great way to develop real relationships with your audience and extend the reach of your campaign.

Innovative content marketing examples:

V Energy – The V Motion Project
This was the final piece of content delivered by V Energy after an extensive ”behind the scenes” series of videos that detailed how V hacked Kinnect software to allow someone to create a music track by moving his body.  The public was so engaged in the campaign that the resulting track even reached the number one spot in the New Zealand electronic music chart.

Red Bull – Stratos
Possibly the most talked about content marketing campaign in 2012, Stratos captivated thousands of people across the world by teaming a pioneering feat with superb delivery.

Lynx Anarchy – The World’s First Invisible Ad
Windows in a Sydney house were fitted with LCD screens that appeared to be blank. When members of the public donned polarised glasses the screens revealed their content.

Anton Berg – The Generosity Shop
The Danish chocolate brand created a pop-up store where you could purchase boxes of chocolate by pledging good deeds on Facebook.

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