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When planning an experiential marketing campaign there are many factors that need to be considered.  Over the course of 2013 we are going to publish a series of articles on the A-Z of experiential marketing.  Here is the first installment, keep checking back for more!

A for Audience

Why working with your audience in mind is key to event success. 

When creating an experiential campaign it is incredibly important to start with the audience.  Understanding them and shaping the experience to support their journey, rather than simply dictating a journey of your own, will allow you to create an effective and memorable experience. 

There are two big questions you need to ask right at the start. Firstly ‘what do the audience think and feel now’ and secondly ‘what do we want the audience to think and feel once they have been exposed to the campaign’.  It is then a case of crafting a bespoke experience that facilitates the transition from A to B.  Here are a few key points to consider:

Understand your audience

It is vital to get under the skin of your audience and understand what conversations they are having and what makes them tick.  Not only to create the content but to also devise bespoke experiences that will tap into their mindset and make a real impact.

Map the journey

Ensuring that the audience are taken on a journey is paramount.  You are simply not going to engage your audience if you bombard them with information and leave no space for their own thoughts and personal development.  Lead them on a path of discovery, contrast serious content with light-hearted moments and give attendees a chance to talk about and share their experiences.

Devise engaging experiences

Leaving a lasting impression that lives beyond the moment is at the very heart of experiential marketing.  Creating touchpoints along the journey that will provide memory keepsakes is vital to this and interactive engagement that creates physical reminders such as photos and downloads will all help to extend the life of your message and the audience/brand connection.

Create a community

When you are creating a campaign you are creating a community.  People are coming together for one reason, so it is great to acknowledge that community as early as possible.  Using social media you can start to give people a sense of belonging even before they physically get together at an event.  Devising a 360° experience will pull a community together and will forge bonds that build a real relationship between the community and the brand.

Evaluate audience reaction

When a campaign has run its course it is important to look at whether you have successfully moved the audience from A to B as intended.  By looking at the audience reaction to different parts of the campaign, using gathered data, looking at how much the campaign was shared and its viral energy and reviewing feedback from the audience you can begin to sculpt future events and ensure that both the audience and the brand are benefiting.

Inchcape global conference experiential

We know that by pulling all these factors together and wrapping them in the brand’s personality you can ensure that an event is engaging, memorable and effective.  We’ve all got something to say, the key is working out who you want to focus your message on, creating content that is relevant to them and giving them reasons to share it with a wider audience.

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