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Posted by: Kath Wallace on August 14th, 2017 IN Viewpoints

It’s almost a law. Once an event is over, the music stops and everyone gets on with business as usual. All the good work – investment of time, effort and money – is allowed to slip away quietly. The event theme is put into early retirement. Pledges and promises made onsite fail to get turned into programmes. All the enthusiasm and understanding dribbles out to teams, when it could be cascaded and reinforced. Then, when the next year’s event is planned, everyone starts from scratch. How often do speakers look back at previous content, key messages and event identities, before READ MORE

‘ONLY CONNECT’ (E.M Forster)

Posted by: Kath Wallace on August 7th, 2017 IN Viewpoints

My last blog encouraged storytelling over traditional content-dumping. Let’s go a step further. A story brings a strategy to life, but ‘telling’ isn’t enough. To connect, we need a dialogue. To feel energised and engaged, any audience has to be heard as well as spoken to. More, they need to take part, rather than just receive. Interaction is fundamental if you want a message to stick. Most of us know this. We nod wisely at the old saying: “Tell me and I shall forget, show me and I shall remember, involve me and I will understand.” So why do organisations READ MORE


Posted by: Kath Wallace on July 26th, 2017 IN Viewpoints

Every business has a strategy. It is usually drawn up with (or by) consultants. The comprehensive version covers pages of Venn diagrams and matrices, management speak and profound insights. It’s a guide for the board, but impenetrable to most of the team.In business as in life, people need inspiration, clarity and brevity. So why do we throw the kitchen sink at them instead? The simple answer is that it’s the default mode. Senior leaders grew up with it. They understand strategy – so assume that everyone else will ‘get it’, in granular detail.  They attend endless meetings, so presume that READ MORE