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Posted by: Neil Thompson on July 20th, 2015 IN Viewpoints

Our creative Director, Neil Thompson gives his viewpoint on the creative talents of Gerry Judah at Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Being a great enthusiast for all things automotive I make the annual pilgrimage along the South Downs and Sussex coast line to Chichester and the Festival of Speed, or Goodwood FOS as its known by my fellow ‘petrol heads’. One thing I really look forward to, besides the smell of burning tyres, the noise of revving V8’s, the sight of classic and exotic supercars, has to be the gravity defying sculptures of Gerry Judah.


For the past eighteen years Gerry has been creating amazing and fresh automotive sculptures that have dominated the lawn of Goodwood House. I really admire his approach, using steel in such creative and imaginative ways, each time pushing its physical properties right to its’ limits. For me, some of the most memorable sculptures have been for Audi, Ford, Mercedes – Benz, Renault and of course my beloved, Lotus.


Each year Gerry works to a tight deadline and what he says is a tight budget on his FOS centre piece.  I guess it’s the balance of the priceless cars perched effortlessly into his art that impresses me the most. The pure art on such a grand scale, some of which tower 32 meters over Lord March’s home.


This year was the turn of Mazda to take centre stage with a twisting steel structure made out of extruded steel tubes. Gerry says he would have loved to have constructed the piece from timber if weight had not been such an issue. The gleaming white tower resembled a giant children’s game of Jenga but with two futuristic Mazda endurance cars jostling for leadership as it spirals into the sky.





I love the way this sculpture looks so different from every angle and how the sun and light pierces though the horizontal beams, illuminating the centre of the structural bracing.  There is a risk these details could be missed by some visitors as they walk around the towering structure, with the on-going distractions of the super cars and legend racing drivers pushing their cars to the limit of grip up Goodwood Hill.




The infinite structure for Lotus in 2012 showing the historic Formula One cars of my childhood, will always be my favourite construction.




The A few years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Gerry to discuss one of our deign and build projects. We were looking for one single focus point as the main attraction to grace the entrance to an event. Unfortunately the event did not come to fruition, but I would welcome any opportunity to involve him in any future projects.

Neil Thompson

Neil Thompson

As Line Up’s Creative Director Neil gets to wave his magic wand over every experience that we create, thrilling our clients and keeping our trophy cabinet full. When not in front of his Mac you might find him behind a wheel or careering down an Alpine mountain on skis or his mountain bike.

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