Line Up Close and Personal: Mark Bell, Technical Director

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Welcome to another post in our ‘Line Up Close and Personal’ blog series, where you can get to know a bit more about the people behind the brand. Mark Bell aka Bellyboy is one of Line Up’s longest serving employees – at our moving party last summer, he proudly produced his original job offer letter – from 1987! He talks here about his interests in and outside of work…..there’s a slight rugby theme you may notice!


What three adjectives do you think your friends would use to describe you?

Tall, Thin, Funny


Apart from working at Line Up(!), what are your other passions?

Rugby (I’m Welsh) and now Golf, given I’m no longer able to play Rugby.


Who would you invite to your ideal dinner party (dead or alive) and why?

Marilyn Munroe, John F Kennedy, Winston Churchill

Marilyn for the obvious reasons, JFK as it would be interesting to see how he behaved in front of Marilyn. Churchill because he was a great leader and would have some very interesting stories to tell, he would also probably end up chatting to JFK all night leaving me to entertain Marilyn!!


Do you support a football team?

More a rugby fan really but Chelsea are my football team.


What has been your highlight working at Line Up?

Having been at Line for 28 years there have been many highlights but working on the Olympic Torch Relay for Coca Cola was the best. Given the Olympics will probably never be in the UK again in my lifetime it was amazing to be involved in such a huge event.


Belly at Coca Cola

What are your three all-time favourite songs?

‘’Show me Love’’- Robin S

‘’Someone like You’’ – Van Morrison

‘’Green Green Grass of Home’’ – Tom Jones


What was the first record you ever bought?

‘’The Isrealites’’ by Desmond Dekker.

I remember buying it in a record shop in Harlesden and then rushing home to play it on my mum’s Stereo Gram in the front room.


Stereo Gram


Do you have any unusual hobbies and interests?

In my youth I used to collect Marvel Comics.

What’s been your greatest achievement outside work?

I would have to say my 2 daughters Rachael and Florence.

Apart from that, Captaining the 1st Team at Old Kingsburians RFC for a season was pretty special.

And I also ran the Bulls in ‘’PAMPLONA’’ at the ’’San Firmin’’ Festival which was terrifying/exhilarating!



Where’s your favourite place to go on holiday and why?

Spain. I’ve been there many times and the sun is always shinning the people are so friendly and nothing is rushed.

What’s your favourite ever TV ad?

I don’t really have a favourite but I do love the Guinness ads especially the one with the surfers and horses.




Who would you least like to be stuck in a lift with?

Truck driver (in my experience they can talk for England about the most mundane things)

What’s top of your ‘bucket list’ of things you really want to do in life?

Watch Wales win the Rugby World Cup.

What kind of car do you drive?

Peugeot 306. Don’t really know why just liked the look of it and it was cheap!

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