Line Up Close and Personal: Kath Wallace, Associate Director

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Welcome to another post in our new ‘Line Up Close and Personal’ blog series, where you can get to know Line Uppers on a more personal level. Kath Wallace, Associate Director lets us know that everyone is complex, explains her love for skiing and why sitting down to a good meal with her family is always a great night.


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What three adjectives do you think your friends would use to describe you?

Busy (because they would probably say they never see me)

Extrovert (because at heart I’m a social animal)

Introvert (because I’m also quite private)

And yes I am aware that the last two are opposing personality traits but people are complex aren’t they..?





Apart from working at Line Up(!), what are your other passions?

I’ve been skiing since I was a child and I love it.  I would ski twice a season if I could.

I enjoy cooking (and eating) great food – of course wine is natural partner to this!

I have been addicted to yoga since my 20’s and of all the exercise I do, I always return to it – it’s my ‘band aid’.



Who would you invite to your ideal dinner party (dead or alive) and why?

Wow, there a so many random famous people who I’d be interested to have dinner with for different reasons… Jimmy Hendrix, Virginia Woolf, Boris Johnson, Sheryl Sandberg, Katherine Ryan, Katherine Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn, Ed Sheeran, Hugh Jackman (I’m inexplicably obsessed with his portrayal of Wolverine)… the list goes on and on… BUT, I’m privileged enough to be related to some of the most interesting and lovely people I know.  Dinner with any member of my family is always entertaining.




Do you support a football team?



What has been your highlight working at Line Up?

We are lucky in our industry when we get to travel to some great locations, however, we rarely get to experience anything about the destination other than the venue we are working in.  Working in Stockholm for 3 months over midsummer was a real treat.  It was hard being away from my (then) fiancée, but it was rewarding to be on location in such a vibrant city long enough to really get to know it and enjoy it.




What are your three all-time favourite songs?

“1. You’re So Pretty – We’re So Pretty” The Charlatans

2. “Got to Give it Up” Marvin Gaye (recently covered by Robin Thicke!)

3. “It’s Your Thing” The Isley Brothers


What was the first record you ever bought?

I think it was an INXS single


Do you have any unusual hobbies and interests?

When I was younger used to collect frogs.  Over the years, I’ve managed to give away/ lose most of my collection


What’s been your greatest achievement outside work?

Does having children count as an achievement?

Last year I completed Nightrider for charity. I cycled 100km through the streets of London overnight.  I don’t know what is more impressive for me – cycling that far, or staying up all night to do it?!


Where’s your favourite place to go on holiday and why?

For the aforementioned skiing, a holiday in the French Alps is by far my preferred choice.  Skiing holidays are the perfect combination of being active with a group of people you love, in a stunning environment.  You have a real sense of being on the earth and never have a moment to think about work.




What’s your favourite ever TV ad?

I LOVE adverts – especially in the cinema.  I’m not sure they help sell more pints but all of the Guinness ads are excellent.

(Spooky coincidence – that was Mark Bell’s favourite ad too!)


Who would you least like to be stuck in a lift with?

Anyone with poor hygiene


What’s top of your ‘bucket list’ of things you really want to do in life?

Although I’ve become a little more ‘risk averse’ since having children, I’d still love to try heli-skiing in the Rockies


What kind of car do you drive?

I drive a Ford Focus estate – the perfect family car.  I once promised myself I would never drive an estate… then I had kids!


Kath Wallace

Kath Wallace

Kath Wallace is an Associate Director at Line Up and personally heads up many of our project teams. With 12 years of experience in the industry, she is equally at home advising on engaging an audience of IFAs as she is launching cars or white goods. In her free time you might find her indulging in yoga or enjoying her 2 gorgeous daughters.

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