Is bigger always better? Introducing the biggest plasma screen in the world….

Posted by: Line Up on July 28th, 2011 IN 3D film production

Recently, we checked out The Event and Exhibition Show which promises to showcase the latest industry innovations.

One that we couldn’t help but notice was the brand new and absolutely enormous 152” Panasonic plasma screen available through PSCo. Unsurprisingly, it’s the biggest in the world, weighs 1.6 tonnes, would cost you a cool £500k to buy or £10k a day to hire.

Clearly as a piece of kit, it’s very aspirational. It has a full HD display boasting 4K by 2K resolution and Active 3D technology, and is the jewel in the crown of the Panasonic professional display range. It looks the business and could be seamlessly integrated into any environment or staging backdrop or would look very handsome as a standalone piece. The picture quality will admittedly outstrip an LCD or any projected image but, most of those are pretty good these days too.

The point is that a good projector and screen would probably cost you half as much. So when and where would you want to pay over the odds for a massive plasma screen upgrade? The office banter here between the budget holders and the techies (the heads and the hearts in this scenario) reveals that lighting would probably be the decider. In a scenario where you can control your own lighting, a good projector and a screen still offer a great and, by comparison, reasonably-priced solution. However, in an exhibition or outdoor environment a plasma screen offers the best in terms of picture quality and visibility that your money can buy. And for the biggest in the world, you’d just have to expect to pay premium.

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