Hitting the right note: a guide to choosing music for videos

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If you are a regular to Crane’s Eye View, you’ll have noticed that we’ve been focusing a lot on web video recently.  Probably because we’re making an awful lot of it at the moment.

In a previous article discussing what he considers to be the 8 key elements of an effective web video, Rob Leach touched on the issue of music.  In fact, music is so integral to any piece of video, it can completely change the tone and meaning of a piece and the way in which it is received. Why is it then that it is so often an afterthought?

In our experience, there can be a tendancy to focus on production values first and to use what’s left of the budget for the music – often, not very much!  If budgetary constraints are the issue – and, let’s face it, they usually are – then it’s important to begin by selecting music from a source that you can afford.

If the budget is the driving force, music libraries are no doubt a first-stop source.  Music houses have stepped up a gear with the sheer volumes of production music that they are releasing but it can be difficult to find something with that special je ne sais quoi.

Composed music can be a fantastic option.  You’ll need a generous production schedule if you are going to consider this but you will get exactly what you want.  Of course, it’s a step up the budgetary ladder from production music but it will be yours to use whenever, wherever you want.

Commercial music is always going to be the most tempting yet expensive option.  It goes without saying that popular music is front of mind and can provide such a rich source of fabulous anthemic tunes.  However, with the wide range of usages that generally need to be covered these days this can be extremely expensive, if not preclusive, in many cases.

Here’s a tip though.  It’s worth spending some time looking at young, upcoming artists.  There is so much fabulous and, as yet, largely undiscovered talent lurking and it is a sure-fire way to bag a truly original piece of music without having to pay the kind of royalties that those already experiencing commercial success will expect.

We’ve just discovered Flash Fiktion and love the track Capsules of the Sun that you’ll hear on our new showreel.

Music is so important when it comes to giving a video depth and emotion.  Healthwarning: don’t let it be an afterthought!


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