A-Z of Experiential Marketing: W for Word of Mouth

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Nearing the end of our A-Z of experiential marketing series, we’ve now got all the way to ‘W’, and we’re using this sturdy three pronged letter to tackle the topic on everyone’s lips: ‘Word of Mouth’.

Word of mouth is a key vehicle for spreading a brand’s message. Whether you want to get people chin wagging about your event before it’s happened or you want to get them buzzing about it while they’re there, word of mouth, and in particular social media, is more and more becoming a vital element of marketing strategy.  

Way back at ‘S’ we covered how to make the most of social media to get your event and brand heard, and this time, we’re taking a look at specific examples of social media campaigns that have done a brilliant job of spreading the word:

1) Heineken’s Cracks the US Open


Using a fresh Instagram account, @Crack_the_US_Open, Heineken posted hundreds of photos to create a giant panorama of fans in the stands. They then used the photos to post a clue and codeword via their new Instagram account. They encouraged people to engage with the campaign by asking them to post the codeword on the correct pic to win tickets to the Open. Thousands of people took part in the 7 competitions, which were held over 3 days. This was a particularly innovative social campaign because it highlighted a new potential use of Instagram.


With Facebook having been founded in 2004, Twitter in 2006 and Instagram in 2010, it’s fair to say that the latter is the new kid on the block, and it’s great to see brands using the newer platforms in clever ways when it comes to spreading their message.


2) AT&T’s Twitter Balloon


At last year’s Lacrosse Championships in Philadelphia a giant balloon inflated as people tweeted the hashtag #ATTLAX. The Twitter user who sent the tweet that made the balloon pop got a whole load of goodies, giving attendees an incentive to participate. This might be on a smaller scale than our first example, but it’s still a great example of using social media and word of mouth to promote an event, as well as using it to improve the experience of the event itself!


3) Pepsi Unbelievable

Having launched in Feb, PepsiCo’s ‘Unbelievable’ campaign has already garnered quite a lot of press after they installed an augmented reality bus shelter.

But the part of this campaign that really stands out to us is the Vine element of their billboard campaign. Asking fans to submit their own six second Vines of them doing unbelievable things, using the hashtag #LiveForNow, with the best videos chosen to be displayed on Pepsi billboards. This is a great example of the potential of social media to spread a brand’s message, and in this case, the brand is even letting consumers become part of the campaign.



4) The Kellogg’s Tweet Shop


Kellogg’s set up a ‘Tweet Shop’ to mark the launch of Cracker Crisps. Located in Soho, the shop let you pay for a packet of their new crisps with just a tweet. The shop also featured a ‘tweet wall’ showing some of the best messages. And they say there’s no such thing as a free lunch! A great use of social media to promote a pop-up, encourage trial and get consumers talking.

5) MWEB’s #dinnercam


Across the globe in South Africa, web and connectivity company, MWEB, has found a way to take advantage of the fad for taking pics of food and uploading them to social media. Their #dinnercam, a portable photo studio for snapping pics of your nosh in restaurants, and available on request in Cape Town’s El Burro, is a sure fire way to spread their brand’s name by word of mouth. To get free prints of your images in the restaurant, you just have to upload pics of your food taken with the cam with the tag #dinnercam, combining the social experience with the physical.

Word of mouth is such a key facet of promoting both brands and events, and the power of social media means that word of mouth is more important than ever before.

You can see how we used social media to raise awareness of the launch of Volvo’s hot new hybrid concept across Europe through a series of bespoke events and the consequent digital buzz.

Social media is the heartbeat of digital, but the best campaigns, combine multiple formats to create a truly multi-faceted user experience, that happens both on and offline.

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