Enriching Event Experiences with So-Lo-Mo Content

Posted by: RupertC on May 29th, 2013 IN Viewpoints

Recently, Rupert Cheswright Line Up’s Head of Experiential posted on the Event Magazine blog about enriching event experiences with geo-targeted content.


The convergence of social, local and mobile (SoLoMo) is having a profound effect on experiential marketing as we can initiate engaging conversations by directly targeting the right people. As technology continues to advance it will help marketers to not only target our experiential campaigns more accurately than ever before, but to drive consumers to them. This in turn will get them talking about our events whilst they are there and share content, spreading the message further afield.

Historically the key locations to activate campaigns are, quite rightly, those that deliver the highest proportion of your desired target audience in order to achieve your objectives whether they be to convert to a purchase, build a long term relationship or generate the right kind of buzz around a product. This invariably means marketers end up at one or all of the following places; shopping centres, TEGs, exhibitions, city centres or festivals among others. And the experiential activity is all done (or should be done) in a way that ensures that you fit in and stand out so you’ll be the most talked about element in that particular arena.

However, experiential marketing has gone way beyond that point and these transient, pop-up experiences can now quite literally pop-up anywhere. Of course, locations are still carefully selected but rather than depending on passing traffic marketers can now arm themselves with new tools that can effectively drive people to engage with a brand.

The question is, why are so few people taking advantage of this? According to a recent study conducted by the International Telecommunications Union, of the 6 billion mobile phone accounts in the world there are now over 1 billion Smartphone users. In March this year the Local Search Study found that 56% of consumers, enabled by their vast screened beacons of wonderment, are already searching for local information whilst on the go and, based on research from the Mobile Marketing Association, 70% of mobile searches lead to an action of some kind.

Even so, there are not many examples of brands embracing the possibilities of geo-targeting. Although I think we will start to see this change soon as mobile targeting becomes more sophisticated and brands are encouraged by the engagement possibilities of SoLoMo by creating bespoke apps that act as a gateway to content at events for example.

Read the full article on the Event Magazine blog.

Here are some good examples of how brands can use geo-targeted content to enrich event experiences:

Nike – Cheer Me On

American Express – Small Business Saturday

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