i-Spy: Perrier Celebrates 150 Years With a Digital Experience

Posted by: i-SPY on April 26th, 2013 IN Fun stuff


Sparkling water brand Perrier recently launched a digital experience that coincides with the brand’s 150th anniversary.  Perrier’s Secret Place is designed to make the brand “sexy” in order to woo a younger, digital-focused audience with a challenging online gaming experience.


The campaign celebrates the brand’s heritage with a decedent, surreal digital experience where users can be one of 60 characters and play to find hidden Perrier bottles. Finding a bottle allows the user to enter a sweepstake to attend one of five live experiential events being held in Rio, Ibiza, St. Tropez, Miami or Sydney later in the year.

The bottles are very well hidden, finding one is no easy task. It is a challenge for even experienced gamers. We think this is key to its success. This is not something that has been purposefully watered down to appeal to a broad audience of digital-natives. This is a well-targeted, exclusive club that cleverly acquaints young, edgy, digital-focused, social influencers with the brand.




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