Corporate Celebrations – 5 top tips on organizing an event with a legacy

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It can be easy to view corporate celebration as folly and an avoidable cost.  Yet, if it is done with conviction and aligns with the key messages, a company celebration can add depth and develop a bond between employees, stakeholders and customers. It can also deliver return on investment over and above that which can be calculated. 

The legacy of an anniversary or landmark event well-celebrated can have a profound effect on some important business metrics such as leadership, commitment, loyalty, community and ultimately profit.  But how do you ensure that the power of your event will last beyond the popping of the last champagne corks?

Here are 5 key considerations if you’re embarking on a corporate celebration.

1. Create excitement

Potential attendees should be brought in on the action as early as possible.  Why leave things to chance when you can create an emotional connection to an event as soon as the date is in the diary? Think about what your guests will listen to, notice and engage with.  That may be a bespoke microsite, intranet site, teaser campaign or a Twitter #hastag.  It’s more than likely to be a combination of all of these. The key is to make information visual, shareable and to build excitement by drip-feeding details.  Encouraging guests to share the build up via social media will also fuel the creation of an online community that will give your event a much longer shelf-life.

2. Value your venue

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A celebratory venue should make delegates feel special and spoilt. But this doesn’t mean that it has to break the purse strings.  A creative and thorough venue search can mean the difference between guests feeling as though they’ve been taken out of their everyday lives for a moment or simply spent the day with colleagues at a hotel. The choice of location should also reflect the message of the day. Ease of access is also an incredibly important factor that can make or break a celebratory event.  The value of the treat is significantly reduced if getting there is a challenge.

3. Think about the experience

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Even though this is a celebration, there is still a story to tell and a journey that you must take your guests on.  In reality, any celebratory event is an experiential event because your guests are experiencing your brand or company by participating, whether they are staff, stakeholders, partners or press.  Remember that the experience begins when the invitation is received and building the excitement is a part of the journey.  On the day, the experience needs to have a beginning, a middle and an end and leave those attending in no doubt that they want their experience to live on.

4. Keep an eye on the budget

Justifying spend on a celebratory event can be tricky.  But the ROI may be more than you think.  Giving something back in the form of light-relief can reap returns in commitment and loyalty that are immeasurable.  That said, it is entirely possible to measure the success of events of this nature using pre and post-event interviews or questionnaires. This kind of research will demonstrate whether basic objectives were met and provide great anecdotal evidence.

Most importantly, know what you want to spend at the outset and stick to it.  The best celebrations don’t have to be the most expensive.

5. Have a back up plan

Having contingency plans that can be slotted seamlessly into the structure of an event is an art.  There is no use building up an event to be an extraordinary escape away from the office if the wet weather plans are simply “we’ve got a tent so bring your wellies”.  This is where having an event agency on board really brings peace of mind.  Our logistics team has to be ready for every eventuality and will always blend contingency plans into an experience.  If there is an issue, you can continue having fun and we will paddle like ducks until it’s sorted.

Celebrating 100 years of the Hotpoint brand

So there you have it!  Our 5 top tips for organizing that all-important celebration that will deliver for you way beyond the experience itself.  A celebratory event is an opportunity to create a sensory and memorable experience, away from the usual day-to-day.  It should inspire a sense of community, celebrate achievements and encourage people to push forward as a united front.  Perhaps it is because pride and respect lie at the heart of the celebration that the experience of sharing the moment with peers and colleagues can create such a lasting impression.  It is these emotions that create the legacy and that should not be underestimated.

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