Content creation and live events – where do you draw the line?

Posted by: Line Up on February 1st, 2012 IN Corporate video

We’ve just gone through the annual exercise of completing Televisual Magazine’s survey that will enable them to put together their Corporate Top 50.  Having done this for many years and, bearing in mind that the survey doesn’t change much, it is surprising how difficult it is getting to differentiate between income earned from live events and income earned from the creation of ‘moving image content’, as the survey asks us to do.

Clearly, as an experiential agency, we know the difference but the creation of the former depends so heavily on the existence of the latter that the boundaries are truly blurring.

For instance, we are currently working with a client to create a major consumer roadshow.  The premise of the consumer engagement is designed around touchscreens and, needless to say, ‘moving image content’.   The environment will feature several other screens and consumer memories and on-going engagement will be generated via social media and, yes, you guessed it, ‘moving image content’.

And this symbiotic relationship is not only one way.  One only has to consider the T-Mobile flash-mobbings and the ensuing barrage of imitations to see that ‘events’ can also be the very seed that video content now sows.

So the question is, where does one end and the other begin and how do we label them?   Perhaps the key is not to try to differentiate between them, but to consider how best to unify them to created truly differentiated experiences.


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