The Complete A-Z of Experiential Marketing

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Last year we set ourselves a blogging challenge. We wanted to see if we could channel our collective knowledge and expertise to come up with our very own A-Z of Experiential Marketing. And we’ve done it!

Our aim was to offer useful information and guidance on planning and executing campaigns whilst keeping an eye on what standout brands from all over the world have been doing. Having finally arrived at Z, we thought we’d pull it all together and package it in a conclusive blog.

So, here goes. Everything you need to know about experiential marketing:

A for Audience – Understanding your audience and shaping experiences to support their journey is the key to effective experiential campaigns.

B for Brief – A good experiential brief should be a conversation starter and a working document, not a rule book.

C for Content – Putting great content at the heart of experiential campaigns ensures deeper engagement and greater shareability.

D for DigitalSavvy marketers can now embrace the power of digital to enhance every aspect of traditional ‘events’.

Digital experience

E for Engagement – Consumer engagement that turns prospective customers into brand loyalists requires a long-term 360° strategy.

F for Fun – From the purely silly through to productions created from real consumer insights, funny content can be an instant attention grabber for your brand.

G for GlobalCompromising on creativity and imagination are not prerequisites when going global.  In fact, the opposite is true. 

H for Hindsight How to embrace the power of hindsight to keep moving, adapting and innovating.

I for Insight – Audience insight – the crucial ingredient in experiential marketing.

Carey Sheffield Photography

J for Journey– Change mindsets and win hearts by taking your audience on a journey.

K for Knowledge Being well-informed is a pre-requisite to success.

L for LogisticsIn order to make the journey believable you need to construct a seamless experience – this is where logistical prowess comes into play.

M for Mobile Creating shareable, mobile-friendly content that will engage consumers, enhance events and extend your reach has never been more important.


N for New – There is something very powerful about using experiential marketing to cut through the noise and to clearly demonstrate the benefits of ‘that something new’.

O for Old Principles – Why it’s important to hold onto the old principles that have always been fundamental to the execution of a great marketing campaign.

P for Product Launch Pointers for nailing that all-important product launch.

Q for Q&AWe answer your FAQ’s.

R for ROIWith good reporting and sensible post campaign actions you will step ever closer to the coveted experiential sweet spot.

S for Social MediaWhether you are approaching a B2B or B2C event, creating a strong social element is essential.

social media 2

T for Target Market – Develop a deeper understanding of your target market to ensure effective engagement.

U for User ExperienceTo craft a successful user experience you need to make sure you are answering the needs of your audience. It’s not all about ‘U’.

V for Venues What do you need from your venue? What does it say about your brand?

W for Word of Mouth – Word of mouth is such a key facet of promoting both brands and events, and the power of social media means that word of mouth is more important than ever before.

X for X-Factor – Our pick of the experiential marketing campaigns which boast the ‘X-Factor’.

Y for YouthThe 16-24 year old market is a powerful global community capable of making or breaking a brand in a day.

Z for ZeitgeistThe 6 key marketing trends of the moment.

Happy reading everyone!

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