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Posted by: Rob Leach on August 21st, 2017 IN Uncategorized

TV was supposed to kill radio. Radio is flourishing. eBooks were going to destroy print. More books are printed than ever. The internet was due to cut out the middlemen. It merely created new types of intermediary. In much the same way, many commentators believe that eRetailing spells the beginning of the end for dealer networks. Well, not so fast… If car dealers evolve, they too will continue to be needed – but only if networks adopt new technologies and a customer-centred mindset. It’s all happening, but far too slowly. The automotive model has barely changed for a century. Dealers READ MORE

Microsoft at the Embedded World Fair

Posted by: Jo Rees on March 13th, 2015 IN General news

On 24th October 2014 Line Up were appointed to design and deliver a stand for Microsoft at the Embedded World Fair, in Nuremberg, Germany from 24th -26th February 2015. Having successfully just completed the job here is an overview of the objective and solution we provided. READ MORE

Line Up Close and Personal: Lawrence Andrews, Head of Content

Posted by: Lawrence Andrews on October 29th, 2014 IN Fun stuff

Our dry-humoured Head of Content, Lawrence, has stepped up to talk about his interests in and outside of work. Read on to find out what makes him tick (and to find out what Vexillology is)… READ MORE

i-Spy: An upside down house in Russia plays with the senses

Posted by: i-SPY on January 23rd, 2014 IN Uncategorized

This fantastic upside down house caught our eye this week. Created as part of an exhibit at the All-Russian Exhibition Centre in Moscow, the contents of the house have been installed upside down, floors have become ceilings and tables, cabinets and lamps hang down, creating a brilliant illusion. READ MORE

5 Line Up predictions for 2014 – experiential and content marketing

Posted by: Line Up on December 17th, 2013 IN Fun stuff

As far as we’re concerned, 2013 will be remembered as the year that content marketing really hit the world stage and content creation became a business in its own right. But what lies ahead? Here are some thoughts from the team at Line Up... READ MORE

Line Up is 30 years young

Posted by: Line Up on November 1st, 2012 IN General news

This month, Line Up is 30 years young. To mark this coming of age we thought we’d make a little film about ourselves – it’s one of the things we do pretty well. And all this month, follow us on Twitter for some daily highlights from our history. READ MORE