Business Travel Trends in 2015

Posted by: Kate Gunn on August 5th, 2015 IN Viewpoints

Kate Gunn reflects on the Business Travel Trends that have caught her eye in 2015.

In the last 10 years, travel has changed dramatically and business travellers in particular have new needs and expectations. As a result, airlines, hotels and other operators need to keep up with advancing technology, modernising traditional amenities and allowing for a more seamless and faster booking and trip experience.

Here are a few examples of what has been launched in 2015 with business travellers in mind:

Digital Hotel Check in: Airlines have been using apps for online check in and boarding passes for a while now, but Hilton and Starwood have started using them for hotel check-in and room keys, saving precious time by passing the front desk.

Business Bar: In April 2015, Kimpton Hotels launched the Business Bar at their Eventi hotel in New York which lends guests any equipment they need (whether forgotten or couldn’t be bothered to travel with) including iPads, MacBook Pro’s, Kindles, digital cameras, GoPro’s or a simple charger.

3D Holographic Telepresence:

NH Hotel


In 2015, the forward thinking NH hotel chain launched Hologram Projection technology in its NH Madrid Eurobuilding as part of its “high tech made easy” campaign. This allows projection of 3D presentations and videos as well as 3D full size holographic telepresence in real time, interacting with audiences around the world. I saw this in action at IMEX 2015 and it was certainly getting everyone talking. One to watch as NH roll out across Europe….





Virtual packing: DUFL is a new company, launched in the US and offers a personal valet that simplifies business travel by shipping, cleaning and storing clothes. You create a virtual online wardrobe and “pack” the items you would like, travel without a bag and then your clothes will meet you on arrival at your hotel. After use, they will be picked up, cleaned and back in your virtual wardrobe for your next trip. What a great idea!

Meeting spaces wherever you are:

Regus Workpod

Regus Express is described as “a new range of convenient business lounges and meeting rooms, allowing you to work productively on the go whenever you need to”. The pods at railways stations and airports can be booked for 1 hour slots, allowing for ultimate work-on-the-go.




Innovative car services:  Road services have also felt an impact from technology, with smart motorways being implemented all over the UK, allowing for active travel management and variable speed limits. 2015 has also seen the dramatic increase in the use of Uber, a taxi-on-demand app. Uber has also made a number of important partnerships, like with Starwood hotels, where you can earn Starpoints for using the car service. A number of hotels also offer complimentary transport, for example Virgin Hotels Chicago’s property offer guest transfers using the premium electric Tesla Model S P85D.

Luggage Tracking: Trace Me is a fantastic new product to market which is a smart tag for your luggage. The unique serial number works like an international passport, which works with the airports systems, enabling you to track your luggage all over the world. No more endless phone calls to the airlines, trying to find your lost bags…

Virtual concierge: Instead of talking to your hotel concierge, which may be a thing of the past, some hotels now offer concierge services via an app. Even if your hotel doesn’t provide this, you can try various other services, such as Kamino ( which offers local walking tours or Stubhub ( for last minute sport, music or theatre tickets, to help you around the city you are visiting.

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