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If you are a regular to Crane’s Eye View, you will have seen that we were recently appointed by VTTI, a global provider of energy terminals and pipelines, to create a short film.

The idea was to bring the VTTI brand to life by demonstrating the reach, scope and structure of this truly global company. For Stuart Grahame, one of our content producers, it was an incredible opportunity to visit some far-flung places and meet some amazing VTTI people. Here he shares some of his experiences and memorable images.

29/10/12 Due to fly to the US but Hurricane Sandy has hit the East Coast. I spend the next few days completely rejigging the production schedule and getting last minute visas and jabs to enable us to visit Kenya earlier than planned.

5/11/12 We fly to Rotterdam and spend 4 days filming different sites in the Netherlands.

8/11/12 On to Latvia, filming in Ventspils and staying in Riga, a great city with some memorable sights.

11/11/12 Fly to Malaysia to shoot in Johore. Need to acclimatise equipment to heat on arrival and brush up on a few key phrases in the local language. Being able to speak the odd native word or two really helps us to connect with the people we are shooting and changes the reaction that we get from them as we point the camera. We’re travelling around a lot and it’s very hot – avoiding condensation on the cameras is a full time occupation.

19/11/12 Kenya and amazing views of Kilimanjaro on flight from Nairobi to Mombasa.

Shooting at VTTI Mombasa with some great people and wonderful sights.

One very hairy ferry journey – how do they get all those people on?

26/11/12 From Mombasa to Florida where after a final 2 day shoot we finish our rather epic journey.

30/11/12 Arrive back in London for an intensive week of post-production and, eventually, a finished film and a happy client. One incredible journey under my belt.


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