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Why experiential marketing thrives with direction

When planning an experiential marketing campaign there are many factors that need to be considered. This next article in our ongoing series, the A-Z of Experiential Marketing, focuses on one of the key building blocks needed for a powerful and memorable experiential campaign: the consumer journey.

Adidas Lab

The best experiential marketing campaigns take people on a journey. They guide and lead them from A to B, transforming their feelings towards a brand, company, product or service by making the path exciting, interesting and the story relevant and irresistible.

Here are some campaigns that stood out for us because, in one way or another, they took participants on a journey.

Adidas: Future Lab

Earlier in the year Adidas created a walk-in public exhibition that showcased the past, present and future of football through the eyes of the brand. Adidas claims the future of football is ‘smart’ and ‘fast’ so this experiential marketing stunt echoed that. Visitors were given a wristband with an imbedded RFID chip so they could track their journey and register to receive updates on Facebook or Twitter. The experience started with a look back at the shoes that were worn in the World Cup back in 1954. Then, through a range of activities and interactive displays, people were shown modern shoe technology, kit advances, fabric that monitors the wearer and then finally to the Adidas ‘Smart Ball’ that has been specifically designed to improve technique, power, spin and accuracy through inbuilt sensors.

In this case, we believe the journey succeeded in inextricably linking Adidas with Football in consumers’ minds – past, present and most certainly, future. Great, modern, relevant products and the perfect environment and content with which to promote them.

Carlsberg: Put friends to the test

This online advert from Carlsberg was an instant viral hit. Not only because it’s funny, clever and brilliantly put together, but also because of the rollercoaster journey that it takes the view on. Watching, you cannot help but go on the journey with the intrepid friend, wondering at every moment whether you would have the courage and conviction to go on. The impact of the experience on the loyal friends must have been quite profound and it’s not something they are going to forget. We are not necessarily suggesting scaring attendees is a must, but theatrics and out of the ordinary experiences can be a great way to create lasting memories and, of course, shareable content.

Inchcape: Incredible Inchcape

This is one of our own, but it’s an important addition here because it demonstrates that the power of the journey should not only be embraced in the consumer context. It is an incredibly powerful tool when creating content for B2B events and experiences. . Incredible Inchcape needed to unite 180 managers from 26 countries, bringing them together to reinforce the heritage of the company and inspire them to play their part in Inchcape’s ambitious future. The 3 day event took them on a journey, wrapped around the pretence of ‘making a movie’ with each delegate playing a key part. Featuring inspiring breakout sessions and a mystery trip to the Inchcape Lighthouse, group plenaries within an impactful 180 degree wrap around screen and evenings that continued to tell the tale of the company’s heritage, the event culminated with delegates physically signing a pledge to play their part in a successful future.

This really was a journey with a beginning and an end but also with the emphasis being on the future. So future installments await!

Hendrick’s Gin: Voyages into the Unusual

Over the past few months Hendrick’s Gin has hosted a series of parties across the USA that set out to celebrate the brand’s rather flamboyant and eccentric characteristics. The touring event transformed each location into a “Shoppe of Curiosities” where attendees stepped into a strange, decadent world and were invited to taste various Hendrick’s cocktails and find out about what makes Hendrick’s Gin distinctive though well-choreographed theatrics. The high quality experiential events have been very popular and one of the key elements is the journey, from the outset guests are invited not only to step away from the real-world and enter Hendrick’s magical one but also to fall deeper down the rabbit hole throughout the night. It’s great work and has certainly proved popular with attendees.

When trying to forge an emotional connection between consumers and a brand or, in the B2B example, a company and its employees, crafting an experience and creating a journey will create powerful and lasting results. And whilst each touchpoint between brand and consumer must be a journey in its own right, they are all just milestones in the big journey that is the on-going relationship between them. An holistic approach is required to ensure that the journey is never broken and multi-channel campaigns can ensure that the brand is always in touch with the consumer without them ever feeling that they are being sold to. That, surely, is the perfect journey.

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