5 Memorable Moments – Looking Back on 2017 Trends and Our Most Memorable Moments

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Line Up is off to a flying start in 2018. With one team on location in Madrid for 9 weeks and another making the final preparations for MWC, we’ve barely had time to reflect on the year just gone. We have had time however, to put together a quick edit of some of the highlights.



Events are becoming so sophisticated with its use of technologies available to them. Case in point is the ever-rising popularity of Virtual Reality, creating highly immersive brand experiences for delegates. 2017 also saw VR come into its own as an essential tool in pre-production. By creating the event space in VR, we can allow clients to feel it for themselves and understand the environment and experience. Now venues have seen the benefits and the clever ones allow prospects to site visit via VR tours.

We were privileged to learn first-hand about the latest key issues affecting the tech industries when we relocated to Barcelona for the largest gathering in the mobile industry – Mobile World Congress (MWC). The responsibility to deliver the most forward-thinking conference programme for the GSMA takes energy and dedication. That exists in abundance in our trusted MWC team and we are all geared up to do it again.



Big data and making it work for you… it’s a resounding theme that we see echoed in many conferences we produce. But how you gather consumer information and what you do with it, can really mean the difference between just generating information and creating opportunities.

The film and presentation we created for Ipsos encapsulated how they help brands make data meaningful. In doing so, brand perception can be fine-tuned to appeal to individuals and markets.

Ipsos Screen grab 3



The industry has seen a proper merge of business and leisure activities for many corporate events and down time is seen as of equal importance to the conference.

Compass Group ensured the fun stuff was paramount when they took their top performers to Monte Carlo for an ultra-glamourous incentive last spring. Private transfers, exclusive restaurants, casinos and black-tie dinners had each guest playing out James Bond scenes in their head – or so we were told.




Promoting inclusion and diversity on a global scale is a challenge for any organisation. We regularly use storytelling as a technique by which to convey culture and celebrate a department’s identity. READ MORE HERE

Volvo’s Global Truck Purchasing department asked us to create a piece of employee and supplier engagement focussing on people around the world – capturing their day, spirit and culture.

Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 15.29.28



Technology is growing at an unprecedented rate in the automotive industry. Some developments are hugely beneficial to the consumer, but many have been disruptive. READ MORE HERE 

With the focus firmly on the technology under the bonnet, US journalists were able to enjoy the delights of the Toyota GT 86. The car’s performance being put to test on some spectacular roads through the Alps with breath-taking views.


So that’s our round up for 2017… with another exciting year ahead, we are looking forward to creating more memorable moments in 2018.

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