4 steps to creating a memorable roadshow experience

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The summer season of sporting fixtures, fairs and festivals offers fantastic opportunities for brand experience. Engaging with people at these kinds of events is a great way of tapping into consumers’ lifestyles and building lasting brand loyalty.

But delivering effective activations which can withstand the unique demands of a multi-venue tour is no walk in the park.

In 2012, as part of the Olympic Torch Relay, we created a 65 destination road show for Coca-Cola:


Here are some of the things we learned…


Travel light

                                                                                                                                                  roadshow 2

An imaginative and eye-catching brand environment can be the star of a touring show. But like any good performer it needs to be able to stay the course. A fantastic looking design is useless if the actual structure is overly complicated or too fragile to withstand repeated use. The Coca-Cola ‘Move to the Beat’ trailer comprised 4 interactive pods, a photography area and a giant bar. It travelled 8,000 miles over 70 days delivering a UK-wide experience that complemented the Olympic celebrations. With locations as diverse as Newcastle riverside and London’s Hyde Park it also needed to be adaptable and easy to assemble. Thankfully it proved to have substance as well as style and we were able to rig and de-rig at every venue in less than two hours.


Excite the senses

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A memorable consumer experience should engage, entertain and excite. With Coca-Cola this process began with the taste buds. Consumers at roadshow destinations were given samples from limited edition aluminium bottles before embarking upon a series of distinctive experiences championing the fusion of music and sport. Inside the interactive pods visitors were offered the opportunity to mix their own music beats using specially created ‘Beat Generator’ software. These were subsequently relayed using LED lights on a giant projection screen. After being photographed with the Olympic torch consumers could watch big-name DJs on the main event stage use the same software to create location specific ‘City Sound’ beats.


Embrace Technology


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When it’s used creatively, digital technology can be a powerful way of capturing consumers’ imagination and amplifying the brand experience. The Coca-Cola Beat Generator design worked because it was simple and intuitive. It allowed the audience easy access to a palate of Olympic-themed sounds created by producer Mark Ronson. The fun didn’t stop on-site for Coca-Cola customers. Those who attended the events were able to continue playing the Beat Generator at home by accessing a dedicated micro-site from where they could share their tunes via Facebook, Twitter or email.

Continue the engagement

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Thanks to digital technology, an activation can be just the beginning of a lasting dialogue between brand and consumer. Social media allows this process to happen more rapidly and extensively than ever before and in the case of Coca-Cola it yielded fantastic results. Following the physical activations a further 16,500 music sessions were accessed via the Coca-Cola Beat Generator website and the campaign gained over 1.7m Facebook impressions.

A successful roadshow, like any effective activation, calls for a very particular blend of creative, production and logistical skills. An original idea well executed can transform brand and consumer into creative partners and leave a lasting legacy.

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