4 Foundations of a Great Experiential Event

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Over the past 30 years in business we have seen many developments within the events industry.  Trends, budgets, technology and expectations have changed and will continue to do so.  This is why we find it such an exciting industry to work in because we are constantly having to adapt in order to stand out.  Yet, there are some key elements that have remained as relevant now as when Line Up was first founded.


The ritual of storytelling is something innately human – we use it to explain, delight, intrigue and inspire.  It is the root of how and why we communicate and it has been part of our culture since the dawn of man.  That may seem a bit dramatic but we know from experience that good storytelling is at the very heart of brand engagement.  Creating a multi-sensory, layered and engaging story that guides delegates or users on a well-planned journey is a sure fire way to ensure that they walk away feeling that they have gained from the experience.

Creating conversations

Experiential is a fantastic tool for getting people talking. By inspiring conversations you can ensure that your marketing message is not only memorable but is also carried beyond the walls of the event.  These days of course it’s fundamentally important to facilitate conversation when devising an experiential event.  Advancing technology and all the resulting social media noise make the execution of this task easier these days but the message, delivery and tone of voice have never been more important if you want to continue to engage.

Being relevant

Just delivering the wow factor doesn’t guarantee real impact.  Audiences need to be cleverly targeted – be they B2B or B2C.  It is important to get under the skin of the audience in the planning phase in order to understand their motivations and their existing relationship with a brand or company.  You can only take them on a journey if you understand where they are at the starting point and what will push their buttons on the way.  And it’s important to ensure that you resonate with that audience throughout the entire journey from initial engagement through post-event dialogue.  The message and the media have to deliver.


When creating an experiential event you want delegates to step into a world you’ve created.  In order to suspend disbelief you must create a world with no cracks as all the pre-production planning in the world won’t fix a badly executed environment or disguise a brand ambassador that hasn’t quite been trained up to the mark. Be sure to focus on yours relationships with suppliers and venues, acquaint yourself fully with the technology being used and work and rework the points of engagement until you know attendees will get the most out of the experience.

30 years ago we couldn’t even have dreamed that we’d be creating multi-platform experiences that would live on through the internet and social networks.  What excites us is the thought of the next 30 years when, no doubt, we will see technology changing the way that we do things beyond the scope of our imaginations today.  However, I predict that these foundations will remain true and relevant whatever the future brings.

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